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The company Eva Filsáková – VINAMET was established in 1991. Till 1993 the company activities were focused purely on trading. At the whole-sale level it dealt mostly in medical equipment and medical consumption materials and at the retail level it sold glassware, chinaware and stationery.

In 1993 Eva Filsáková – VINAMET commenced its own manufacture of plastic products using the high-pressure injection and blow-out technology and recently also a very progressive technology called injection/blow-out process.

The first product included medical consumption materials for a single application such as perfusion needles, mandrenes, three-way valves, jets of micropipettes, etc. From 1994 the production has been gradually expanded into the area of packages designed particularly for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry – closures, droppers, phials.

As the majority of the products is designed for the health and pharmaceutical industry the manufacture must comply with very strict requirements and is subject to thorough supervision. Special emphasis is laid on the raw material quality and cleanness, maintenance of cleanness during the manufacturing process and particularly the operation and final inspection. Of course the applicable principles of good manufacturing practice (GMP) are observed in the manufacturing process. In 2002 the manufacturing plan obtained a certificate confirming its Quality Assurance System complies with ISO 9001:2009 standards. The plastics components are fabricated using the state-of-the-art plastics processing technologies (hot gates, automatic dyeing and suction units, etc.)

The whole of the manufacturing process is managed in consistence with our mission which is to offer highest quality, timely supplies and fair price.