Injection, blowing, injection-blowing and injection stretch blow technologies are applied using the machines and equipment from world's leading manufacturers - Arburg, Ferromatik, Hesta, Battenfeld, Automa, etc. Each machine is equipped with automatic colouring and suction units.

The product injection moulding itself is almost entirely carried out using hot-influx injection moulds. This technique does not generate a technological waste, which making it very environment-friendly. In addition, the quality of products is much higher.

Sophisticated-purpose phials are manufactured using the injection blow moulding technique. This technique makes it possible to manufacture blow moulded phials of an accuracy and quality equal to that of injection moulded products and, in addition, is wasteless as well.

The PET phials (modern design) are manufactured using the injection stretch blow (ISBM) technology.

Multicomponent product assembly is carried out on powerful automatic assembly machines equipped with a device for automatic separation of defective pieces.